So far in the final group project we have completed a significant amount of work. We have done the story boards required to give a brief outline of what the video will be like visually. We have also met and discussed ideas and themes a few times before it and after. The two biggest milestones I believe we have achieved are filming the beginning portion of our video and getting some raw footage as well as figuring out where and how we will be filming the rest of the footage.

In the time that we have met we have delegated characters and positions to each of our group members so there are no confusions later. We ended up picking the Livingston Apartments as our shooting spot as it is the most visually appealing and has great lighting. We have shot the beginning scenes where we walk up the stairs and sit down to discuss our plans for the summer and the leaving of the main character.

The biggest problems that I see in the future in making this video project are figuring out more times for the whole group to meet as our schedules conflict and is difficult to arrange meeting times; especially during the day when we need to shoot.

Another thing that worries me is making sure all of the scenes that we shoot look like one cohesive film at the end as I have never shot a video or film out of sequence. I personally like to work through in order of what comes first. Although I have a few things that worry me I am sure that the final product will come out a lot better than me or my group expected.

The only thing that I really wish to change about our final product is most likely being able to use our own library of pre downloaded music for a more broad selection of media to use.


Gathering My Material



This movie could be used in the shot where when he goes back home to make a resume after speaking with his friends and on the computer. When the camera goes into his room and him on the computer it could be as if he is procrastinating watching the video and after doing so writing his resume. This resume will turn out to be the badly written one where he does not go on resume builder. The video would provide some light humor as well as portraying how relaxed he is when writing his first draft of the resume.


I feel this music is great for symbolizing the passing of time. it is rustic but give that feel of time passing with the guitar and random instrumentals and sounds added into it. At one point there is a rattle snake sound which is great as it reminds me of the old west and with the guitar it seems as if time is passing. Also the chime you hear every so often is a great effect, this aids in the symbolization of time passing. This song could be used when he goes and writes his resume the second time around after failing on his first try. This time he will use resume builder to build his resume and this song would be playing in the background to symbolize he put a lot of time and effort into it.

Image: 3985114086_2019473057_o

I believe this image is a great image to have as it shows the hard work and happiness these two men get out of working. They are obviously smart and have a good job working with technology. I believe we could use this as a “photo” on his desk for when he goes back home after speaking with his friends to write his first resume. He will look at the image and think something along the lines of, “My father had no problem finding a job, and I’m his son. This should be easy”.

Top 5 Mid Term Blogs


1) Animoga (

This is a very interesting and creative blog. First of all I love the dark and gothic appeal it gives and the moving header is definitely a plus. The header gives a mysterious vibe and makes me want to know what the blog is about. I love the theme and the ideas of it, sharing weird and funny Japanese memes and videos. I believe that fans of anime and just the Internet in general appreciate the concept. People should visit this to find some weird and entertaining things to watch when bored. The video is well made and gives an accurate portrayal of what this blog is about.

2) The View from the Promenade (

So I liked your blog a lot. Although I’m not a baseball fan myself I know a bit about the game from my dad. I liked how the header was big and represented your blog well as well as the title on your header; as I used to work near a place called the Promenade in Ocean City. I liked how you incorporated pictures in nearly all of your posts and that you kept the blog going with posts that contain a fair amount of detail. I think people should visit if they want to get someone else’s opinion on baseball and games and also if they are just looking for some news on baseball.

3) Basementfeeder (

So as a person with a wide variety of music interest I naturally liked this blog. I love the rustic appeal for underground basement shows. Also I know that the bands that play around New Brunswick are typically punk/indie bands with some metal thrown in here and there. I think this is a great blog for the college students here at Rutgers New Brunswick and as well as New Brunswick’s residents who love music like this. I like how you incorporated a show’s review, which could give people a review on the bands themselves and for the future see if its even worth going to see that band or not.

4) Collegediy (

This video is very informative for college students who are just entering college or wanting to change it up a little to make their dorms more comfortable. Although I wish it incorporated guys also, it is very fun and creative blog. I like the dorm planning softwares that are incorporated into your video as well as the DIY post you added which is very informative and interesting to read. I like the name of the blog as it is pretty accurate of what you’re trying to do. The idea is great and I feel that people would want to look at this blog for interesting ad creative ways to spice up their dorm rooms.

5) Frat Mixology (

Alright, so i like the concept a lot and it is very practical for college students to learn how to spend less without giving up the fun and flavor of good alcohol. This is a great idea for a blog and I believe people will visit in order to find new drink ideas and tutorials that are cheap and tasty. I think the name is pretty cool since fraternities always know how to make good juice without spending a lot of their money. College students should visit this blog if they are looking for a cheap and effective way to mix and drink alcohol. This blog reminds me of a college version of tipsy bartender.

Mid Term Blog Experience


For the mid term blog that I have created I started off by thinking of a list of things that genuinely interested me. I chose the one that seemed the most fun to create and that has a clear audience in mind. The theme was Korean pop fashion and music; which encompasses all Korean pop and fashion lovers and enthusiasts. After deciding I had to plan how I wanted my blog to feel and what I was going to create for my video section.

I started off by choosing a theme that pops out at the viewer with a big header and fun template. After I edited a picture into the header, I chose a picture that encompassed the fun and colorful and unique styles that are incorporated into the Korean pop lifestyle. Editing this header was very time consuming as getting the color and feel as well as the placement that I wanted was difficult to obtain. Once doing so I changed a few of the theme’s colors and widgets to fit what I wanted for the blog I was creating.

The video took the most time in that first I had to think of what to make it on. I was originally thinking of a video of just the fashion aspects and a video of me going shopping and showing clothes that are very Korean pop like. After watching a few YouTube Channels I realized that they had an introduction video in most of their channels. I have decided to make an introduction video that gave a clear representation of what I was going to base this blog on. It took a long time to edit the music and videos and photos in the position and timings that I wanted, but in the end I prevailed. The video turned out exactly how I wanted, the videos and photos going along to the song in the background. I chose the songs and videos and photos for reasons such as; they are fun, they accurately portray Korean pop today, they show the fashion and attitude that are incorporated into being a artist int he Korean pop industry.

Link to Mid Term-

ePortfolio Video Editing


I personally have never video edited before. I have posted Youtube videos in the past but they were unedited and shot with a cellular phone. Overall I think I got a handle in video editing and has become very easy. Although I had many troubles at first, even more so than the audio editing, I eventually was able to figure it out. The easiest part in my opinion besides screen casting was probably adding in the captions. The most troublesome part of the editing was splitting the clip into two and adding in a good transition in between. It was fairly difficult looking for the split option when I was searching around.

I believe this skill would come in handy in pretty much any work setting involving technology and communication; but especially in the field of film and photography. These sort of fields heavily rely on video editing skills. But I believe that this skill is a very useful one to have in everyday life, whether you are in a field that requires it or not. People who value this skill the most are probably Youtube members who post frequent videos, film editors, movie producers, and independent actors and producers such as musicians.

I think out of all creative projects the most beneficial for screen cast would be tutorial videos. More specifically internet and software tutorial videos. When trying to explain something over the phone or instant message it is very hard to describe what to tell the other person to do without showing them. They could be looking at a totally different screen than you are. Screen casting allows precision screen sharing so that people watching the video are able to follow along in the tutorial and pause to catch up when needed. Indeed tutorial videos for software wuld be the best option for screen casting videos.



I personally have never edited audio before until this class. I never really found a reason to learn audio editing as whenever I needed it a friend has always offered to help. When I first attempted to edit the audio tracks in class I had to overcome a huge learning curve. This is nothing like editing photos or videos, for me it was a bit more difficult and a lot less obvious as to where the controls were and what they did.

It took me a good while to re-learn all of the functions and tools that we went over in class. I had either forgotten them or had to mess around with them a bit to get the hang of it. For example, I had the hardest time finding the crossfade tools and also the frequency changer tool. Another obstacle that I had to overcome was to find a place where to put my recording and where to fade in and out of each song so that the transition was as smooth as possible. I also had a difficult time in recording audio as I am not used to recording my own voice.

Overall I am very happy with the way my podcast came out. It sounds clean and clear and I love how the songs fade in and out of each other. Also the song choices were very fun to mess around with as I chose two of my most favorite songs by Cashmere Cat. It isn’t at a level of a professional editor yet but I am happy with my results. I hope to get more practice in the near future as I find this editing very enjoyable.

I can see myself editing audio in my future for either a job or hobby. Like I said I enjoyed it very much and plan on editing more audio in the near future. I am an ITI major so editing audio doesn’t seem too far out of my field. I also would like to edit audio in case if I ever pick up on maintaining a blog or youtube account.

Image Editting


Designing the header was a very fun yet frustrating experience. I decided to use a old man in a suit smoking a pipe and a cat for my header. I personally love cats and I thought it would be funny to put a cat’s face onto a person. I tried to give this a more vintage look or worn as I thought it would be a cool idea to make the photo look older, before the time of photoshop.

I believe that the hardest part of designing the header besides finding the right images were trying to resize both images correctly and placing the cat’s head just perfectly. I had to resize both images a lot of times in order to hide the hat of the old man with the cat’s face. Also in order to get the image down to the size that I needed I attempted multiple times to make the image smaller to be able to fit into the header space. I do realize it is a bit larger than expected but I could not shrink the image down enough to fit the pipe in the header. The tools of Pixlr are very basic and simple to use which came to my advantage during this design.

I love the way my header turned out and it’s simplistic humor it gives off to the blog. Coleman stated that, “[c]omputers can be the basis for beauty and a better world”. By this I think he means that the effects and capabilities of computers gives us the opportunities to create unique aesthetic works of art that are otherwise impossible without the use of technology. Like for example, the header I just created for my blog would have been near impossible without the help of pixlr and the internet. And the newly created header gives my blog the image that it needed to give the vibe or feel that I wanted to give off.

Designing a Blog


I’ve always watched and read blogs but never created or maintained one. At first creating this blog was very difficult as the platform it was done on was very alien to me. A lot of it’s features were unclear to me until it was explained a multitude of times. But after figuring out the website’s more basic controls it became easier and easier. The hardest part was looking for a theme that worked. I spend half of the time I created this looking for a nice theme that had side bars for widgets and a header but especially with a good clean look. As Gregory Ciotti mentions in his article, “A ‘clean’ site is an inviting site that is easy to read, easy to navigate, but that still has some personality”. This is important as users will leave a site if it appears unprofessional or unorganized. If the website doesn’t look to be “safe” or “user friendly” then it ultimately fails.

Fred Turner described WELL as a medium in which technology enabled social life, a virtual community, in where conversations were held, relationships were built, and intimacy arose. I also view technology as a sort of medium for these actions and while creating this blog had a very specific audience in mind (one that likes to succeed but likes to have fun, the way that I like to, while doing it.)